Green Sinks

We believe that our path to a sustainable future involves continuously optimizing our processes at all levels. One of our latest innovations is a heat-curable, bio-based quartz sand that serves as a 100% natural filler material for molded articles. This sand is made by mixing quartz sand with bio-based organic coating materials. resulting in a product that is both environmentally friendly and effective

Workstation Series

Our Waltz series of luxury sinks is designed with both smartness and style in mind. Unique features like a push button on the top of the sink make it convenient to use, while the sleek and modern design adds an elegant touch to any kitchen.

PVD Collection

We’ve also created PVD coated stainless steel sinks with India's first Physical Vapor Deposition Plant. Our stainless-steel sinks, accessories and faucets undergo a futuristic PVD process that creates a molecular bond, resulting in a durable, long-lasting finish that will not corrode, discolor, or tarnish. The parts are first cleaned at a molecular level using gas ions in a vacuum chamber, and then metal is vaporized through an electrical arc and molecularly bonded to the parts. This process creates highly brilliant, anti-tarnishing faucets that are built to last a lifetime.