Wine Chiller - 38 Bottles

  • Carysil Wine Chiller ensures that all your wines remain intact for celebrations.
  • Dual Temperature Zone for White and Red Wine.
  • Attractively and efficiently designed for homes
  • Equipped with black casing glass door and wooden shelves
  • For White Wines, set temperature- 3 to 12 degrees
  • For Red Wines, set temperature- 12 to 20 degrees

Carysil's Wine Chiller is rightfully the best assistant to wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts. 

Capacity 125 L/ 38 bottles
Dimensions 395mmX 1035mm X 630 mm
Temperature LED display 3-12 degrees for white wine 12-20 degrees for red wine, Cabinet humidity >60% RH
Material Black casing with transparent, panoramic door Compressor with direct cooling